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Lectures & Seminars - Archive

The JIC has a very active programme of seminars and lectures, including a series of Named Lectures, given by external, invited speakers, which is managed by the site seminar committee.These are open to the scientific community.

Below is a list of lectures & seminars held at JIC over the last 5 years.

PAST lectures & seminars:

11/Apr/2014 Dr Fitnat Yildiz
(Microbiology & Environmental Toxicology,University of California Santa Cruz)
CANCELLED - seminar by Dr Fitnat Yildiz
28/Mar/2014 Professor May Berenbaum
(Dept of Entomology, University of Illinois)
Detoxification of xenobiotics by Apis mellifera, or, it takes guts to be a honeybee
14/Mar/2014 Professor Angus Lamond
(Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression, University of Dundee, Dundee)
Multidimensional proteomics: analysing phenotype in the 21st century
07/Mar/2014 Professor Wolf Frommer
(Carnegie Institution for Science, Stanford, USA)
Watching and quantifying biochemical processes in intact plants
28/Feb/2014 Professor Andrew Oates
(University College London)
A Doppler effect in embryonic patterning
14/Feb/2014 Professor Ricardo Uauy
(London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)
Nutrition beyond – meeting energy needs
07/Feb/2014 Dr Michael Eisen
(Dept of Molecular & Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley)
The Bateson Lecture - Embryonic Adolescence: Control of Gene Expression During Early Fly Development
31/Jan/2014 Professor Michael Laub
(MIT Department of Biology, USA)
Mapping the internal organization of bacterial cells
24/Jan/2014 Dr Teva Vernoux
(ENS Lyon, France)
Hormones and emergence of robust spatio-temporal patterns at the shoot apical meristem
13/Dec/2013 Dr Mark Bühler
(Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Switzerland)
Non-coding RNAs in Epigenome Regulation
06/Dec/2013 Professor Julia Bailey-Serres
(Centre for Plant Cell Biology, University of California)
Waterproofing plants: Sensing, signaling and response mechanisms
29/Nov/2013 Dr Steven H Spoel
(Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences, University of Edinburgh)
Post-translational regulation of transcription dynamics in plant immunity
22/Nov/2013 Professor Hidde Ploegh
(Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, USA)
New ways to probe host-pathogen interactions in vitro and in vivo
15/Nov/2013 Dr Zhiyong Wang
(Dept Plant Biology, Carnegie Institution for Science)
The central growth control network in Arabidopsis
08/Nov/2013 Professor Tina Henkin
(Dept of Microbiology, Ohio State University)
Flipping the switch: Regulating bacterial gene expression with riboswitch RNAs
01/Nov/2013 Professor Bonnie Bassler
(Princeton University)
The Hopwood Lecture - Manipulating quorum sensing to control bacterial pathogenicity
25/Oct/2013 Professor Xin Li
(Dept of Botany, University of British Columbia)
POSTPONED NEW DATE TBC - Stability control of plant NB-LRR immune receptors
11/Oct/2013 Professor Nicholas Talbot
(University of Exeter)
Investigating the biology of plant infection by the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe Oryzae
04/Oct/2013 Professor Alexander van Oudenaarden
(Hubrecht Institute-KNAW & University Medical Center Utrecht)
2013 Haldane Lecture - microRNAs decrease gene expression noise
20/Sep/2013 Professor Tom Beeckman
(VIB Dept of Plant Systems Biology, Ghent University)
The root apex as headquarter for root branching
13/Sep/2013 Professor Stephen Benkovic
(Pennsylvania State University)
Cancelled - new date tbc - seminar by Professor Stephen Benkovic
12/Jul/2013 Professor Noni Franklin-Tong
(School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham)
Recognition of "self": unravelling key signals and targets in incompatible pollen
05/Jul/2013 Professor Iris Meier
(Dept Molecular Genetics, Ohio State University)
How plants LINC the SUN to KASH
28/Jun/2013 Professor Gebisa Ejeta
(Dept of Agronomy, University of Purdue)
CANCELLED - seminar by Professor Gebisa Ejeta
21/Jun/2013 Dr Kazuki Saito
(Deputy Center Director, RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science,Japan)
Metabolomics-based functional genomics: From Arabidopsis to crops and medicinal plants
14/Jun/2013 Professor Chad Nusbaum
(Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard)
The Darlington Lecture - DNA technology as the engine of scientific discovery
07/Jun/2013 Dr Jian-Min Zhou
(Inst of Genetics & Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
From plant immunity to pathogen virulence and back
24/May/2013 Dr Stephan W Grill
(MPI-PKS / MPI-CBG, Germany)
Morphogenetic functions of actomyosin
17/May/2013 Professor Bradley Moore
(University of California at San Diego)
Marine actinobacteria, a growing resource for biotechnology and biomedicine
10/May/2013 Professor Paul Dupree
(Dept of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, UK)
Manipulating plant cell wall polysaccharide synthesis for biorefining and bioenergy
03/May/2013 Professor Piet de Boer
(Dept Molecular Biology & Microbiology, Case Western Reserve University)
E. coli cell fission
26/Apr/2013 Professor James Alfano
(University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA)
Pseudomonas syringae type III effectors
19/Apr/2013 Professor Jennifer Doudna
(Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Berkeley, USA)
RNA on the Defense: RNA-programmed Genome Protection
05/Apr/2013 Dr Klaus Mayer
(Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen)
Same same but different: Towards the genealogy and evolution of Triticeae genomes
22/Mar/2013 Professor Andreas Weber
(Inst for Plant Biochemistry, Heinrich-Heine University)
C4 photosynthesis - new perspectives from comparative evolutionary transcriptomics
15/Mar/2013 Dr Duncan Odom
(Cancer Research UK, Cambridge )
Mechanisms and evolution of transcriptional regulation in mammals
08/Mar/2013 Professor Daniel Kliebenstein
(Dept Plant Sciences, University of California, Davis, USA)
Quantitative genomics of metabolism – The mechanistic basis of epistasis and pleiotropy
15/Feb/2013 Professor Rebecca Nelson
(Dpt Plant Pathology & Plant-Microbe Biology, Cornell University)
Pleiotropy vs. pathogenesis: Progress towards understanding quantitative disease resistance in maize
08/Feb/2013 Professor Colin Kleanthous
(Dept of Biochemistry, University of Oxford)
The Gram-negative cell envelope as seen by a translocating protein antibiotic
01/Feb/2013 Professor Pieter Dorrestein
(Depts Pharmacology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCSD)
Capturing conversations of cell populations through a million little dots
25/Jan/2013 Dr Julian Hibberd
(Dept of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge)
The evolution of C4 photosynthesis
18/Jan/2013 Professor Ottoline Leyser CBE FRS
(Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge University)
The Bateson Lecture - Shoot branching plasticity, how and why
11/Jan/2013 Professor Christopher Voigt
(Dept Biological Engineering, Massachusetts Inst of Technology)
Programming Bacteria
07/Dec/2012 Professor Ken Shirasu
(RIKEN Plant Science Center, Japan)
Hunting the Witch: Towards understanding the parasitic witchweed Striga
30/Nov/2012 Professor Julian Schroeder
(Division of Biological Sciences, University of California, San Diego )
The Woolhouse Lecture - Atmospheric CO2 sensing and drought-induced abscisic acid signaling in plant
23/Nov/2012 Professor Niko Geldner
(Dept of Plant Molecular Biology, University of Lausanne)
The root endodermis - new insights into an old barrier
16/Nov/2012 Professor Gerco Angenent
(Plant Research International, The Netherlands)
What is needed to produce a flower and its organs
02/Nov/2012 Professor Christopher Walsh
(Harvard Medical School)
The Chatt Lecture - Posttranslational Cascades in the Biosynthesis of Thiazolyl Peptide Antibiotics
26/Oct/2012 Professor Dan Tawfik
(Dept Biological Chemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science)
How do proteins evolve?
28/Sep/2012 Dr Antonin Morillon
(Institut Curie-CNRS, Paris, France)
Pervasive transcription, lessons from budding yeast
21/Sep/2012 Professor Wolf Frommer
(Carnegie Institution for Science, Stanford)
POSTPONED - seminar by Professor Wolf Frommer
14/Sep/2012 Professor Sarah Hake
( Plant Gene Expression Center, USDA-ARS)
The Biffen Lecture - Patterning the maize leaf
07/Sep/2012 Dr Olivier Voinnet
(Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Department of Biology, Zurich)
Caught in the Act – The Awakening and Demise of a Plant Retrotransposon: When, Where, How?
29/Jun/2012 Professor David Rice
(Dept of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, University of Sheffield)
100 Years of the Vietnam Time Bomb: discovery of a lethal factor in Burkholderia
22/Jun/2012 Professor Gary Loake
(School of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh)
Plant immuNOlogy: cracking the redox code
15/Jun/2012 Dr Eduard Akhunov
(Dept of Plant Pathology, Kansas State University)
The structural and functional diversity of polyploid wheat genome
01/Jun/2012 Professor Brenda Andrews
(University of Toronto)
Exploring biological networks and pathways using yeast functional genomics
25/May/2012 Professor Narendra Maheshri
(MIT, Cambridge, USA)
Arrays of DNA binding sites as a tool for understanding gene regulation and adaptive mutagenesis
18/May/2012 Professor Calestous Juma
(Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, Massachusetts)
The New Harvest: Agricultural Innovation in Africa - please note earlier time
11/May/2012 Professor Sir David Baulcombe
(Dept of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge)
The Darlington Lecture - RNA silencing and genome defense of plants
20/Apr/2012 Professor Karen Garrett
(Dept of Plant Pathology, Kansas State University)
Climate change and plant disease
30/Mar/2012 Professor Barbara Imperiali
(Department of Biology, MIT)
Protein glycosylation: Pathways, processes and potential virulence targets
23/Mar/2012 Professor José Luis Riechmann
(Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG), Barcelona, Spain)
Gene regulatory networks in Arabidopsis flower development
09/Mar/2012 Professor Frank Julicher
(Max Planck Institute, Dresden)
Dynamic organization of epithelia
02/Mar/2012 Professor Jan Leach
(Plant Pathology, Colorado State University, USA)
Wading through murky paddies: clarifying broad spectrum resistance in rice
24/Feb/2012 Professor Tom Beeckman
(VIB Dept Plant Systems Biology, Ghent University)
CANCELLED - The root apex as headquarter for root branching
10/Feb/2012 Dr Gerry Wright
(Dept Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences, McMaster University)
The Hopwood Lecture - Resistance guided antibiotic discovery
03/Feb/2012 Professor Jan Lohmann
(Department of Stem Cell Biology, University of Heidelberg)
It takes two to tango: Hormones and transcription factors in shoot meristem control
27/Jan/2012 Professor Dolf Weijers
(Laboratory of Biochemistry, Wageningen University)
First time for everything: specification of stem cells in the early plant embryo
20/Jan/2012 Professor Marcel Dicke
(Laboratory of Entomology, Wageningen University)
Induced plant defences: from transcriptomics to community dynamics
13/Jan/2012 Professor Ian Graham
(Director of CNAP, Department of Biology, University of York)
Molecular breeding of high value chemicals in novel crops: from hemp to artemisia
09/Dec/2011 Dr Abdelhafid Bendahmane
(Vice Director, URGV, France)
Cloning and characterization of gene of agronomic importance from crops
02/Dec/2011 Professor Thomas Mitchell-Olds
(Biology Dept, Duke University)
Phenotypes phirst: Complex traits in complex environments
25/Nov/2011 Professor Tâm Mignot
(CNRS, France)
Social movements in bacteria: mechanisms and evolution from genetics and cell biology
11/Nov/2011 Professor Venkatesan Sundaresan
(College of Biological Sciences, University of California, Davis, USA)
Patterning the female gametophyte of flowering plants, or How plants lay eggs
04/Nov/2011 Professor Philip Benfey
(Duke University, USA)
The Bateson Lecture - Development rooted in interwoven networks
28/Oct/2011 Professor Simon Levin
(Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University)
The Haldane Lecture - Crossing Scales
21/Oct/2011 Professor David S Guttman
(Depts of Cell & Systems Biology and Ecology & Evolutionary Biol, Toronto Un)
Dissecting the co-evolutionary arms race (full title below)
07/Oct/2011 Professor Frederic Berger
(Temasek Life Sciences Lab)
More than a scaffold, HISTONES, master regulators of the genome activity
30/Sep/2011 Professor Christine Jacobs-Wagner
(Dept of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Yale University)
Inside bacterial cells: Where both chaos and order are actively pursued
23/Sep/2011 Professor Jennifer Doudna
(Dept Molecular & Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley, USA)
CANCELLED - Mechanisms of RNA-mediated viral defense in bacteria
09/Sep/2011 Dr Cristina Ferrandiz
(Institute for Plant Molecular and Cell Biology (IBMCP))
The secrets of a long life: FRUITFULL controls reproductive meristem arrest in Arabidopsis
08/Jul/2011 Professor Jorge Galan
(Section of Microbial Pathogenesis, Yale University School of Medicine)
Type III secretions machines: bacterial devices for protein delivery into eukaryotic cells
17/Jun/2011 Professor Jon Clardy
(Dept of Bio Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology, Harvard Medical School)
Bacterial symbionts and the discovery of new molecules
10/Jun/2011 Professor Christian Hardtke
(Director, Dept Plant Molecular Biology, University of Lausanne)
The ABCs of BRX - from natural genetic variation to mesoscopic modelling of root meristem growth
27/May/2011 Professor Jay Keasling
(Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley)
POSTPONED - The 2011 Chatt Lecture by Professor Jay Keasling
20/May/2011 Professor Mark Estelle
(Cell & Developmental Biology, UCSD, USA)
The Woolhouse Lecture - How does auxin do everything?
13/May/2011 Professor Jeff Long
(Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory, Salk Institute)
Building an embryo from the bottom up
06/May/2011 Professor Steven Lindow
(Dept Plant & Microbial Biology, University of California, Berkeley, USA)
Microbial life on a leaf: Interactions of bacteria with themselves and the plants on which they live
08/Apr/2011 Professor Nancy Moran
(Dept of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Yale University)
The Hopwood Lecture - Evolution and genomics of beneficial symbionts in insects
01/Apr/2011 Professor Suzanne Eaton
(Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology & Genetics)
CANCELLED - Stress-induced cell flows reorient planar polarity in the wing epithelium of Drosophila
25/Mar/2011 Dr Matthew Freeman
(MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge)
Rhomboids and iRhoms: intramembrane proteolysis and its regulation
18/Mar/2011 Dr Pascal Genschik
(Director, Institut de Biologie Moléculaire des Plantes du CNRS)
CUL4-DDB1 is required to maintain epigenetic gene repression
04/Mar/2011 Professor Andreas Wagner
(Dept of Biochemistry, University of Zurich)
The origins of evolutionary innovations
25/Feb/2011 Professor Pascale Cossart
(Pasteur Institute)
The bacterial pathogen Listeria monocytogenes: a model or a reference?
18/Feb/2011 Professor Thomas Lahaye
(Institute of Genetics, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich)
Xanthomonas TAL effectors in fundamental and applied research
11/Feb/2011 Professor Herbert Waldmann
(Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology)
Chemical-biological analysis of dynamic biological systems
04/Feb/2011 Professor Ben Scheres
(Dept of Biology, Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
Plant development: rooting shoots or shooting roots?
21/Jan/2011 Professor Malcolm Bennett
(Plant & Crop Sciences Div, University of Nottingham)
Lateral root development: an emerging story......
14/Jan/2011 Professor Fernando Garcia-Arenal
(Director, Centro de Biotecnología y Genómica de Plantas UPM - INIA)
Integration of environmental signals in host-pathogen co-evolution
10/Dec/2010 Professor Neil Gow
(Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen)
Immune recognition of fungi: the taste of a fungus
03/Dec/2010 Professor Sheng-Yang He
(DOE Plant Research Laboratory, Michigan State University)
Pathogenesis as a probe of innate immunity, jasmonate signaling, and vesicle traffic in Arabidopsis
26/Nov/2010 Professor Elizabeth Sockett
(School of Biology, University of Nottingham)
Predatory biology of Bdellovibrio- invader of other Gram negative bacteria
19/Nov/2010 Professor Bernard Dujon
(Dept Genomes & Genetics, Institut Pasteur, France)
Yeasts: models to study the evolution of eukaryotic genomes
12/Nov/2010 Professor Ben Davis
(Dept of Chemistry, University of Oxford)
Sugars and proteins
05/Nov/2010 Professor Sean Cutler
(Center for Plant Cell Biology, University of California)
Chemical and genetic dissection of abscisic acid signaling
29/Oct/2010 Professor Philippe Sansonetti
(Unité de pathogénie microbienne moléculaire, INSERM U786)
Pathogens and commensals at epithelial surfaces: the Yin and the Yang of innate immunity
22/Oct/2010 Professor Joan Steitz
(Yale University)
The Bateson Lecture - Viral noncoding RNAs: Master manipulators of RNA decay
08/Oct/2010 Professor Marc Knight
(School of Bio & Biomedical Sciences, University of Durham)
The role of calcium, SFR6 and OXI1 in plant stress signalling
01/Oct/2010 Dr Olivier Loudet
(INRA, National Institute for Agricultural Research, Versailles)
Natural variation for growth and response to the environment in Arabidopsis thaliana
24/Sep/2010 Professor Eddy Rubin
(Director, Genomics Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
The Darlington Lecture by Professor Eddy Rubin
10/Sep/2010 Professor Hans-Georg Sahl
(Institute of Microbiology & Biotechnology, University of Bonn)
From insect and plant defensins to lipopeptides and lantibiotics - natural compounds for antibiotics
(Antoine Peraldi)
Brachypodium distachyon: a new model for Fusarium Head Blight in wheat
29/Jun/2010 Simone Altmann
Remember yesterday – a plant cellular memory as factor for adaptation to environmental stress?
25/Jun/2010 Professor Michael Elowitz
(California Institute of Technology )
POSTPONED - The Haldane Lecture - Signal encoding at the single-cell level
22/Jun/2010 David Prince
Functional genomics of aphid candidate effectors
18/Jun/2010 Professor Harry Gilbert
(University of Georgia)
CANCELLED - Approaches to identifying novel plant cell wall metabolizing enzymes
11/Jun/2010 Professor Eric Richards
(Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Cornell University)
Epigenetics and nuclear organization
04/Jun/2010 Professor Nina Fedoroff
(Science & Technology Advisor to Secretary of State, US Dept of State )
Science and technology in 21st century diplomacy
28/May/2010 Dr Yuval Eshed
(Dept of Plant Sciences, Weizmann Institute of Science)
Scheduling developmental events and its impact on plant form
21/May/2010 Professor Jonathan Widom
(Northwestern University)
A genomic code for nucleosome positioning from archaebacteria to man
14/May/2010 Professor Beat Keller
(Institute of Plant Biology, University of Zurich)
Function, diversity & evolution of Pm3-based disease resistance in wheat-powdery mildew pathosystem
07/May/2010 Professor Regine Hengge
(Faculty of Biology - Department of Microbiology, Freie University Berlin)
Cyclic di-GMP signalling in bacterial life-style switching
30/Apr/2010 Professor Donald Ort
(Department of Plant Biology, University of Illinois)
Crops FACE the future
23/Apr/2010 Dr Jan Lowe
(Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Medical Research Council, Cambridge )
Molecular mechanism of plasmid segregation by ParMRC
16/Apr/2010 Dr Jon Lis
(Cornell University, USA)
New views of transcription regulation in vivo
09/Apr/2010 Professor Peter Langridge
(University of Adelaide, Australia)
The Biffen Lecture - Miserable but worth the trouble: Genomics, wheat and difficult environments
26/Mar/2010 Professor Bruce McDonald
(Institute of Integrative Biology, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
The origins of plant pathogens in agro-ecosystems
19/Mar/2010 Professor Wendy Bickmore
(Chromosomes & Gene Expression Section, MRC Human Genetics Unit)
Is there more to epigenetic gene repression than just histone modifications?
12/Mar/2010 Dr Jeff Bennetzen
(Dept of Genetics, University of Georgia)
Mechanisms, rates and outcomes of local genome evolution in the grasses
05/Mar/2010 Professor Jane Langdale
(Dept Plant Sciences, University of Oxford)
CANCELLED - Evolution of shoot development
26/Feb/2010 Dr. Ravi Prakash Singh
(Global Wheat Program, CIMMYT)
Spring bread wheat improvement at CIMMYT to enhance productivity and sustainability of wheat in Asia
12/Feb/2010 Professor Regine Kahmann
(Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology)
How smut fungi colonize plants: a tale of effectors
05/Feb/2010 Dr Stephane Genin
(INRA France)
Subversion of plant cellular pathways by Ralstonia solanacearum type III effectors
29/Jan/2010 Professor Julia Vorholt
(Institute of Microbiology, EH Zurich)
Community proteogenomics reveals new insights into bacterial life on leaf surfaces
22/Jan/2010 Professor Joerg Vogel
(Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology)
Discovery and mechanisms of small RNAs in bacterial pathogens
08/Jan/2010 Professor Ben Scheres
(Utrecht University)
CANCELLED: Plant development: rooting shoots or shooting roots?
04/Dec/2009 Dr Cameron Currie
(University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
Evolution of ancient agriculture and antibiotic use in ants
27/Nov/2009 Professor Andy Johnston
(School of Biosciences, University of East Anglia)
The remarkable diversity of the genes, the pathways and the microbes that make the smell of the seas
20/Nov/2009 Professor Fraser Stoddart
(Dept of Chemistry, Northwestern University, USA)
The Chatt Lecture - Radically enhanced molecular recognition
13/Nov/2009 Prof Miltos Tsiantis
(University of Oxford)
Using comparative development to understand diversification of leaf shape
06/Nov/2009 Professor David Sherratt
(Dept Biochemistry, University of Oxford)
The Darlington Lecture - Linking chromosome replication and segregation
30/Oct/2009 Professor Ian T Baldwin
(Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology)
Training a new type of biologist: the genome-enabled field biologist
02/Oct/2009 Professor Jonathon Howard
(Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology & Genetics)
Molecular control of cellular size: regulation of microtubule length by depolymerizing kinesins
10/Jul/2009 Dr Salome Prat
(Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia, Spain)
DELLA-PIFs interaction: shedding light on control of hypocotyl elongation
26/Jun/2009 Professor Pamela Ronald
(University of California, Davis)
A Type I secreted, sulfated peptide triggers rice XA21-mediated innate immunity
19/Jun/2009 Professor Laurence Hurst
(Dept of Biology & Biochemistry, University of Bath)
Why there is more to gene evolution than protein function: splicing, nucleosomes
12/Jun/2009 Professor Craig Crews
(Yale University, USA)
Plant and microbial natural products as cell biological probes
05/Jun/2009 Dr Juerg Mueller
(European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany)
Transcriptional regulation by the Polycomb/trithorax system
22/May/2009 Professor Ralf R Mendel
(Braunschweig University of Technology)
Cell biology and biochemistry of metals or The answer to life, the universe and everything
15/May/2009 Professor Steven Buratowski
(Harvard Medical School)
Coupling transcription with chromatin and mRNA processing
08/May/2009 Dr Barbara Valent
(Kansas State University)
Life inside a rice cell; lessons from the blast fungus, Magnaporthe oryzae
01/May/2009 Professor Ed DeLong
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Hopwood Lecture - Natural microbial world as viewed through the lens of genomics & transcriptomics