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The John Innes Centre receives strategic funding from BBSRC

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John Innes Centre

Science Departments

The Science Departments at the John Innes Centre give focus to a range of disciplines drawn from biology, chemistry and information technology which are used to study plants and microbes as described in the Institute Strategic Programmes.

  1. Biological Chemistry
  2. Cell and Developmental Biology
  3. Computational & Systems Biology
  4. Crop Genetics
  5. Metabolic Biology
  6. Molecular Microbiology

The Earth and Life Systems Alliance (ELSA) is a major strategic collaboration between the John Innes Centre (JIC) and the University of East Anglia (UEA). It is a unique multi-disciplinary Alliance integrating world-class expertise in biological, earth and social sciences to tackle the challenges posed by a changing climate.

Smaller units, with expertise in specialised areas, provide scientific facilities and platform technologies to the John Innes Centre.

A Head of Department and Associate Head of Department lead each JIC science department. Management of the day-to-day routine of the departments is the responsibility of the Departmental Secretary/Administrator(s).

A Project Leader is responsible for each of the Department's main scientific research areas. They lead research groups, of varying size, which include research assistants, postdoctoral scientists, PhD students and visitors. Research Fellows (for example David Phillips Fellows) also lead research teams within the Departments.

Departments may also include additional support staff who provide laboratory management and associated media and glassware preparation services.

JIC has a number of Emeritus Fellows:

The JIC and Sainsbury Laboratory are independent organizations but share scientific resources and research programmes so as to function synergistically.

Intellectual Property (IP) that arises from JIC research programmes is largely managed by Plant Bioscience Ltd, a for-profit IP management company, located on the JIC site. JIC has a position paper on the role of IP in research.