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The GM Debate - Where are we?

Since the height of the GM Debate in the UK almost 10 years ago when we saw headlines such as "Frankenstein Foods" and "Better Dead than GM fed", what has happened and what are the current arguments for and against GM? Has anything changed or is the tide turning towards an acceptance of GM in Europe? Should the UK remain GM free or are UK farmers and growers being unfairly disadvantaged?

During this FoJIC public event, held in February 2011, another decade of the debate was examined and the role GM can play in helping issues affecting global food security were discussed. Preliminary outcomes from the on site GM potato blight trial were also relayed. The audience were given the opportunity to give their opinion on a technology that has been adopted by over 14 million growers in 25 countries worldwide on over 134 million hectares of land.

The presentations

  1. Looking Back and Going Forward - Dr Wendy Harwood, John Innes Centre
  2. Genetic Modification or Global Malnutrition? - Professor Jonathan Jones, The Sainsbury Laboratory
  3. GM Potato Trial in Norfolk - Dr Simon Foster, The Sainsbury Laboratory
  4. Q & A session - Chaired by Dr Gene Rowe, Institute of Food Research

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